Scotland’s Oil & Gas revenues could pay for future EU dues.

The tax take on Scotland’s hydrocarbon riches goes at present to HM Treasury in London. Recently, to the tune of £4.7billion in 2013-14 and more than £6billion for the 12 months earlier.


The ONS also says that, if you take into account EU money going directly into the private sector in the UK, like payments that support universities in research and development, the UK’s net contribution in 2016 was reduced further, down to £8.1bn, rather than  £9.4bn shown in the graphic above.

The website page also has a very useful “context calculator” intended to help people make sense of what these sums means.  It says a net payment of £9.4bn is equivalent to £181m per week, or 1.2% of government spending.  A net payment of £8.1bn relates to £156m per week, or only 1% of UK govt spending.  Not the famous ‘£350 million’ they plastered on the big red bus. When they acted like profiteering shopkeepers, knew the original price, doubled it and then added a little bit more.

I think, going by these figures, and the fact oil prices have risen greatly over the last year, Scotland could so easily go it alone in the EU, and comfortably pay it’s dues. Knowing the above amounts are for the whole of the UK, Scotland’s payments would be a lot less, and with the re-calculated EU funding and rebate, revenues from future extractions which used to go to HM treasury, would go the Scottish Treasury, then pay for Scotland’s EU dues. If we chose to do so.

Obviously, these figures relate to revenues collected from existing resources, but there are over 120billion barrels of untapped oil resources, plus undiscovered sources on the west coast, presently ‘closed areas’ due to MOD actions because of Faslane and submarine movements which are restricting any exploration work being carried out.

With an Independent Scotland, removal of WMD’s would allow those areas to be opened up for exploration works. So we could discover resources that may enhance the estimated £1.5 Trillion future extractions they would generate..




Like a dog with a buried bone.

dog bone

After reading an article regarding the sale of MOD homes.  I started to look back to why the MoD decided to sell and then immediately lease back the properies.

After finding that they were bought by Annington property, sold off by the UK Govt under Conservative power in 1996, I dug deeper.

In 1996, Nomura became one of the largest owners of residential property in the UK through the creation of Annington on the acquisition of the MoD’s Married Quarters Estate which was then made up of over 57,000 properties. The estate was sold and leased back to the MoD with properties being released for sale by Annington as they became surplus to the MoD’s requirements.

19 November 2012

Terra Firma acquires Annington for £3.2bn

Terra Firma, the private equity firm, announces that it has agreed terms for the acquisition of Annington Homes from Nomura International plc. Annington, which owns the Ministry of Defence’s (“MoD”) Married Quarters Estate, is comprised of approximately 40,000 properties. The acquisition was due to completed by the end of 2012.


Guy Hands, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Terra Firma only happens to be a past President of the Oxford University Conservative Association in Michaelmas Term 1980.

Nomura; One of the worlds largest money market players.

James Hopkins, Chief Executive of Annington Homes, said:

“This transaction enables Terra Firma and Annington to move forward together with confidence and to continue our track record of delivery to all our stakeholders.”

Barclays is the sole financial advisor to Terra Firma Holdings Limited on its acquisition of Annington Homes.

James and Selina Hopkins are new entries on the Suffolk top 20 Rich List. while her husband set up Hopkins Homes. Together they are worth £150m.

Mrs Hopkins is the daughter of Lord and Lady Tollemache ‘Baron Tollemache’ (her father is Suffolk’s former Lord Lieutenant)

Now why do you think this Scottish dog may be digging so deep for a simple bone?

Here is why, it has a link with Scotland.

Reading this, you will notce the name

Who is the son apparent to…? yes, Lord Tollemache. Whos history leads you back to?  The Conservatives.

The title was created in 1876 for John Tollemache, who had earlier represented Cheshire South and Cheshire West in the House of Commons as a Conservative. He was the son of Admiral of the Fleet John Halliday (who in 1821 assumed by Royal licence the surname and arms of Tollemache in lieu of Halliday), eldest son of Lady Jane Halliday, youngest daughter of Lionel Tollemache, 4th Earl of Dysart.

The first Baron was succeeded by his eldest son, the second Baron. He also sat as Conservative Member of Parliament for Cheshire West. On the death of his grandson, the third Baron, this line of the family failed, and the title passed to the late Baron’s second cousin, the fourth Baron. He was the son of Major-General Edward Tollemache, son of the Hon. Hamilton James Tollemache, fourth son of the first Baron. As of 2017, the title is held by the fourth Baron’s son, the fifth Baron, who succeeded in 1975. He was Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk from 2003 to 2014. As a descendant of the fourth Earl of Dysart, Lord Tollemache is also in remainder to this peerage and its subsidiary title the lordship of Huntingtower.

Now, do I keep digging? Or shall I leave the sour tasting bone in the ground, tainted with the taste of long running conservatism.


New leave date for Brexit.

31st December in 2020.

During the transition period of 21 months from 29th March 2019 until the 31st December 2020. The UK will REMAIN part of the Single market, the Custums union, and WILL follow all EU laws in place and all NEW EU laws put in place during this period.

There are a total of 750 separate trade deals with 3rd countries that will ‘Cease’ legally at 23.59 GMT on 29th March 2019.

Those deals wlll require to be re-negotiated by the UK during the transition period only and not before.

With the newly released UK Govt Brexit analysis showing how worse off things would be, coincidentaly, the same figures released by ScotGovt on the 15 January 2018, two weeks before hand, yet they were ‘rubbished’ by the Tories, and David Mundell classed the figures as ”scaremongering”.  Really Mr Mundell??? He also had this to tweet.

Mundell brexit tweet

Maybe someone should direct him to Specsavers.  Our eyes are wide open and are looking far above and beyond Brexit, to a future only true Scots would ever wish for, an Independent Scotland.

Going back to the leaving date stated above. This will cause mayhem for many tax haven muppets, as they new EU Tax Haven legislation will also inlcude the UK, as we won’t have left by then, and will still be bound by any new laws as agreed to by the 27 other EU Nations when they took only 2 mins to state the facts.

Scotland only has one future, and that is with Independence. Far from the madding crowd that frequent Westminster, sleeping on the job and claiming for the slightest little things, like tissues to wipe their tear filled eyes as the wish they had lifted them and thought above and beyond Brexit, instead of their head down, batter on regardless, reckless Brexit shambles.



‘IF’ 2.0

‘IF’ 2.0


‘IF’ Scotland becomes Independent.


‘IF’ Scotland becomes Independent.


‘IF’ Scotland becomes Independent.


   ‘IF’ Scotland doesn’t become Independent.

These images may look a little futuristic, but this is what could be in the headlines after March 2019.

Brexit is looking more like a disaster day by day.

Scotland’s place in the world should never be held back

by an illegal act that is way past its ‘use by date’.

Or the actions of a government that was not elected in Scotland.

If the Treaty of Union was a loaf

decaying into a mouldy lump

tasteless and not fit for purpose

it would have been discarded long ago.

If the United Kingdom was a car

with four tyres running equally

and one inflated way bigger than the rest

you would get the spare out.

If four bakers shared ingredients

and helped bake a cake

but only one got the biggest slice

you’d start cooking your own cake.

If the United Kingdom was the Ace of Diamonds

with four equal faces

but one became longer than the rest

it just wouldn’t shine as bright any more.

If you want a secure future

If you want your children to be proud of you

If you want a nation to be recognised

for who the people are

forward thinking, progressive and charitable.

Then it will only happen


you vote for Independence.

Ticket to ride…

Ticket to ride 1

Reading in various articles and hearing the news, that a majority of Scottish MP’s and MSP’s support the amendments required in Clause 11 of the Exit bill, is to me, quite uplifting. Alas, we will wait and see, because as history has shown us so often, what they say and do are usually two different things.

Why? you may ask, would Scotland be better off Independent. Read on and see.

As to the original opening. Have they realised that the Westminster government are indeed looking for a form of ‘theft done legally’ as far as they are concerned.

Their intentions of holding devolved powers from Scotland if Brexit happens, is just that.

While in the EU, all devolved powers that are under the control of the EU are handled there. We have had very few squabbles with that fact since we joined. BUT, and here’s the crunch….

Any devolved powers that would return to Scotland on leaving the EU, would automatically be under the control of Holyrood, the Scottish Government, and rightly so, they are devolved powers.

Westminster does not want that to happen, they want to take back control of all powers, devolved or not. That is NOT what devolution of powers means. Once a power is devolved, it is devolved. Because it is ‘controlled’ via the EU while a member, the return of that control goes to the devolved Parliament, not to Westminster, once membership is no more.

WHY are these unionist MP’s and MSP’s in support of the amendments required? that is a damn fine question.

Are they realising that Independence, is in fact, on the cards, and they want to ‘Remain’ on the train. They want to ride the journey all the way, so that when the destination is reached, and a new Independent government is established at the station, they can show favour has been offered through their support. That after the union is no longer, they may still remain as an ‘MSP’, because there will be no MP positions. They will all become Members of the Scottish Parliament. Their unionist parties will become extinct, as no union will be in place.

Are they realising that when Independence arrives, their parties will no longer hold ground in an Independent Scotland. That their support of the Scottish people and their will, could allow them to be selected as a prospective MSP in whatever political party takes the place of their old party.

It may well be the case we have a Scottish Labour party, Scottish Conservative party, Scottish Liberal Democrat party etc etc,, the point is, they will ALL be SCOTTISH, with NO connection to the Westminster Government.  There may well be a SCOTTISH government with a majority of Scottish Labour MSP’s, Conservative MSP’s, or may well continue under the SNP.  It matters not a jot, the point will be  is that it will be a SCOTTISH Government/Parliament. Totally Independent from any Westminster interference. What the parties are called is up to later dscussion,  the main fact is they will be Scottish.

The policies in Scotland will be put in place by Scotland’s MSP’s. Voted into place by the Scottish people, and no one else.

The majority party of the Scottish Parliament will have been democratically elected by the Scottish people, WE will get what WE vote for.

We will have full control over all our finances, Income tax, VAT, Duty revenues etc, they will all go directly to the Scottish treasury. For Scotland’s chancellor to work with on behalf of the 5 Million+ population.

ALL our exports will produce duties that will be directly created and spent IN Scotland.

We will have a hold on where profits from Oil & Gas ends up.  Maybe a % In a Peoples fund for Scotland, similar to Norway’s.

So, even with this small selection of points raised, is this the reason they are starting to think differently? are they seeing that they can do what is right ‘for’ Scotland, and not ‘against’ Scotland.

We all make mistakes, we all see the grass is greener sometimes, some often walk around in life blinkered to the truth, but, to allow a change of heart for the better is never to be held back once the blinkers have been removed.  If we keep showing them the facts, tweeking their blindness wth open eyes, they may just see sense.

Until full support in Scotland’s favour is seen, then they may well be in for a rude awakening. They will hold on too long, and miss the train, watch it pull away from the platform leaving them stranded with no other train due.  This is the last train, if they want on, they better pay up for their ticket with genuine support, forged tickets just won’t work, because WE are all the inspectors.

A debunking…

indyref 2 is coming

There are times when I contemplate on the unionist views towards Scotland’s independence.

What is it that makes them have such a negative outlook towards the idea?

When you listen to the statements they say, like:

  • ”Scotland is too poor a country to go it alone”
  • ” We have been united for over 300 years and it has done us no harm”
  • ”All you want to do is break Britain up”
  • ”We don’t want to go through border controls”
  • ”Scotland is subsidised from England”

Let us look at these basic arguments singularly.

  • ”Scotland is too poor a country to go it alone”

If Scotland is too poor to go it alone, why can we afford to give you free medication when it is required?

If Scotland is too poor to go it alone, why can your children go to university with no charges involved?

If Scotland is too poor to go it alone, why do we not charge you to park at hospitals, cross bridges, or charge the Elderly to travel in Scotland anywhere they wish to go?

If Scotland is too poor to go it alone, why can we afford to mitigate the bedroom tax?

If Scotland is too poor to go it alone, why can we afford to pay for part of the HS2 rail system, the refurbishment of Westminster Palace and Buckingham Palace?

If Scotland is too poor to go it alone, why can we afford to pay for supplying electricity to the national grid at higher charges than any other area of the UK?

If Scotland is too poor to go it alone, why can we afford to pay a share of keeping Trident up to date?

  • ” We have been united for over 300 years and it has done us no harm”

The people of Scotland did not get a vote on the Treaty of Union, it was arranged by the buying of minds with promises of land, titles and gold to a select few. 311 years have passed since then, and if 40 yrs of one union is enough for many, then 311 yrs is more than enough for others.

Many unionists voted to Leave a union of over 40 years, because they said it was doing us harm. Yet now, many of those same unionists are demanding we remain in that unions single market. But down cry Scotland for attempting to do just that as the whole of Scotland voted to do the exact same.

  • ”All you want to do is break Britain up”

Britain is an island made up of four individual Nations. Scotland will not break the island up by a gap appearing along the border. No new cliff edges will appear running between Gretna and Berwick.

What Scotland’s independence will do, is break up the overall control of an unelected government in Westminster. Scotland has not voted for a Conservative government to be in power since 1955. That was 78 years ago.

‘Britain’ will still be ‘Britain’. The only difference will be that one Nation will hold governance away from Westminster. The United Kingdom will then be made up of three nations rather than four.

The Queen will still be the Queen. Her official legal title will still be ‘Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.’ But in Scotland, her title will be her official legal title of ‘Elizabeth I, Queen of Scots’.

  • ”We don’t want to go through border controls”

Scotland’s borders will be ‘open’ borders. The only thing visitors will need to make sure of,  is that  they have the correct currency to pay for things.

Scotland will remain to be a ‘Free’ country. To travel to, reside in or travel to work in.

The transport of goods would be thoroughly checked prior to travel across the border. This would be a prerequisite before it left its depot/farm/industrial complex or whatever form is required. Arrival at its destination without the proper paperwork would see it immediately refused and returned. This would happen both sides of the border, not AT the border.

Scotland’s Independence, will be from the Westminster Government, NOT the people of England, Wales or Northern Island.

We are an open, forward thinking, progressive nation. Wishing to continue our historic position of helping to improve the world together. Whether that be through research & development, inventions, or assistance, wherever and whenever it is required.

  • ”Scotland is subsidised from England”

The revenues from Scotland that are controlled through the Treasury, are split between all four present Nations. Scotland receives only 8.5% of those revenues. If we can afford to do all of the above mentioned, with only 8.5%, imagine what we could do with a full 100%.

Exports from Scotland that are calculated as being UK exports, with duties going straight to the Treasury, would become Scottish Exports, and all export duties would go to the Scottish Treasury. Oil, Gas, Whisky, etc.

All Taxes and other charges accumulated, that presently go to the Treasury, would then go to the Scottish Treasury. This would include the likes of VAT, Car Tax, Insurance premium Tax, road fuel duty etc…

We would not be required to ‘pay’ for connection to the National Grid, but instead, be ‘paid’ to connect to the National Grid.

We would NOT have to support the previously mentioned expenses we endure.

HS2, Trident, Hinckley Point construction, refurbishment of Westminster and Buckingham Palaces, the London Sewer system.

All this free’ed up money, would support more of Scotland’s infrastructure plans and projects. Medical requirements, Hospitals, Schools, Community establishments like sports halls etc.


If 4 unionists all worked in the same business, and each of their efforts helped produce 4 of the same product, with a profit of £100 per item.  Then when it came to getting their salary discovered that one of them only got £8.50, do you think they would stay working for that company? or would they walk away and produce the same product on their own, and sell it for a full £100 profit of their own to spend?

It is what is called SELF-Employment. YOU put in the effort, YOU gain the profits.

SELF-Governance is nothing different. WE put in the effort, WE control what the money is spent on.